2015 XHab Team Members

The 2015 XHab team brings a new set of students eager to build a high-fidelity prototype of a future lunar greenhouse. Team members come from a variety of disciplines including aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering, plant biology and computer science. This work is highly multi-disciplinary and will require the insight and expertise from a number of fields.


2014 XHab Team Members

The 2014 XHab team consisted mostly of graduate students with a variety of backgrounds including aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science.


2013 XHab Team Members

The spring 2013 XHab team was a mix of 13 graduate students from a variety of disciplines. The team brought an unprecedented set of skills required to create a robotic gardening system.


Jordan Holquist -Project Manager and Fluids System Team

Huy Le -Chief Systems Engineer

Daniel Zukowski -Software Team Lead

Scott Mishra -Software Team Lead

Emily Howard -Mechanical Team Lead

Heather Hava -Living Systems Team Lead

Tim Villabona -Electronics System Team Lead

Pileum Kim -Software

Karuna -Software

Rohit -Software

Christine -Living Systems

Beth -Living Systems




Joe Tanner -Astronaut Extraordinare

Dr. Nikolaus Correll -Super Smart Guy

Dr. James Nabity -Life Support System Hardware Guru

Dr. David Klaus -Bioastronautics Expert


Bill L. -Superman (in disguise of course)


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